CSCS Smart Cards for Construction

IOSH and the Construction Skills Certification Scheme’s (CSCS) new agreement will hopefully make it easier for workers to gain access to construction sites, as problems have been arising for companies that insist that everyone accessing their sites must carry a CSCS card. Individuals have been denied access as they do not have a card, even when they are not directly involved in site construction. Read more

Sound Advice

What should you expect from a noise survey report? Industry wastes a fortune on noise assessments that are often little more than tick-box exercises.  HSE research has indicated that 63% of all noise assessments are inadequate, falling short of the minimum regulatory requirements. The key to good reporting is to generate a practical working document that includes a costed programme of action for the next one or two years.  Read more

Ladder Exchange

People and businesses across the UK again have the chance to trade their old ladders in for discounted new ones this year, with the Ladder Exchange 2014 beginning on September 1st. Read more

Electricity – overhead power lines

The law says that any work near electric overhead power lines must be carefully planned and carried out to avoid danger from accidental contact or close proximity to the lines.

The precautions necessary will depend on the nature of the work at the site and will be required even when work near the line is of short duration.

Safety can be achieved by a combination of measures: Read more