In order to protect the health of your employees and to ensure legislative compliance, Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) must be tight fitting to prevent ingress of airborne contaminants. This is achieved by undertaking a series of tests under strictly controlled conditions to ensure that the RPE fits the face of the individual. Qualitative face fit testing for disposable and half mask RPE can be provided by Craven Safety Services along with written records and certificates to evidence that the test has taken place. We offer:

  • One day for up to 12 people for £495.00 +VAT
  • One ½ day for up to 6 people for £395.00 +VAT
  •  Individual tests available from £35.00 +VAT

Please note, it is essential for employees to avoid eating (including chewing gum), smoking/vaping and drinking up to 30 minutes before the test takes place.

To book please give us a call on 01756 860600.