Why do I need a Vehicle Banksman?

Do you have a vehicle Banksman? Most companies have traffic moving on their sites every day.  For some this will be only a few vehicles, for others it will involve constant traffic movement.

Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur when the vehicle is reversing. Yet many companies have little or no controls in place resulting in vehicles hitting buildings, racking or people, causing serious injuries or death.

Companies need to carry out a risk assessment and put controls in place.  One way to do this is to have a trained Banksman or Traffic Marshal.  As a result all legal requirements will be met and the risk of costly accidents will be reduced.  Communication with the driver can be made via a radio link or pre-arranged hand signals by the Banksman, ensuring that any manoeuvres made are safe.  The vehicle driver will have blind spots around the vehicle, but the Banksman will have a clear view of the whole area.

The Banksman will need to be fully trained and have knowledge of all the health & safety aspects associated with his job –

  • Knowing what responsibilities a Vehicle Banksman has
  • The main causes of accidents
  • How to prevent common accidents
  • Understanding equipment and machinery
  • The correct procedures for manoeuvring equipment

More information is available on the HSE website here.

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