Look After Your Musculoskeletal System!

We all do it, twisting, pulling, pushing, lifting, putting strain on our bodies, especially our backs! But do we do it correctly? And do we actually do as much as we can to prevent injury? Read more

IOSH’s New Leading Safely Course

IOSH has announced the launch of their new training course Leading Safely, which will help business leaders take control of their company’s health and safety.

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HSE Launch New Asbestos Campaign

HSE has launched a new campaign aimed at tradespeople, including construction workers, carpenters and painters and decorators, to give guidance on where asbestos is found and what to do and what not to do if it is found.

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CSCS Smart Cards for Construction

IOSH and the Construction Skills Certification Scheme’s (CSCS) new agreement will hopefully make it easier for workers to gain access to construction sites, as problems have been arising for companies that insist that everyone accessing their sites must carry a CSCS card. Individuals have been denied access as they do not have a card, even when they are not directly involved in site construction. Read more

Safety Nets

It is estimated that safety nets are rigged beneath more than 12,000 workers and that there are approximately 200 “worker-net contacts” a year in the UK.  Nets need to be rigged correctly, using suitable anchor points that can cope with the European standard of a peak load of six kilonewtons at 45°.  Read more