Construction (Design and Management) Regulations – CDM 2015

CDM 2015 can be a complex procedure; Craven Safety Services can help, by offering the client the CDM Advisor role, assisting the client with their duties, planning, managing, co-ordinating and monitoring the Pre-Construction Phase.

What is the purpose of CDM 2015?

The regulations are designed to ensure that no one is harmed whilst carrying out the works and that the building is safe to use and maintain. Your project needs to be well managed with effective planning, resulting in fewer problems and costs incurred.

The regulations apply to both Domestic and Commercial Clients having construction work done.  First of all you must appoint the right people at the right time – if more than one contractor is involved you need to appoint a Principal Contractor and a Principal Designer.

Principal Designers should help plan, manage and co-ordinate the planning and design stage and must be appointed early.

CDM 2015
What needs to be done?

• Arrangements for managing and organising the project must be put in place.

• Adequate time must be allowed for the project to be designed, planned and carried out properly.

• Information needs to be provided to the right people at the right time.

• Communication with the project team must be ongoing.

• A Construction Phase Plan needs to be put in place and adequate welfare facilities for the site provided.

• A Health and Safety file needs to be compiled at the end of the project.

• Members of the public and your employees must be protected.

• Workplaces need to be designed correctly.

• The HSE may need to be notified of the project.

Why Comply?

Serious breaches of Health and Safety legislation could result in the HSE stopping the work, HSE charging their fee for intervention or in a worst case scenario they may decide to prosecute. The HSE fee for Intervention can be in excess of £124.00 per hour.

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