The Ladder Association

Ladders & Work at Height

The Ladder Association’s main message is “When it’s right to use a ladder, use the right ladder and get trained to use it safely”.

They currently have a scheme running called the Advocate Scheme, where a team of ladder experts will come out and address corporate events or meetings of trade and professional bodies whose members are regular ladder users. The presentation covers a range of topics and includes a screening of the Association’s latest Toolbox Talk. More info can be found on their website

The Ladder Association are also working with the HSE to produce a British Standard for roof ladders, which is the only type of ladder not to currently have a British Standard.

It is essential that a risk assessment is done before working at height.  This should be carried out by someone who understands the risks involved and is experienced in the use of the available equipment.  The importance of correctly specifying the PPE and anchorages cannot be overstated – the best harness and lanyard is useless unless it is attached to a correctly installed anchorage point. The users of the equipment also need the correct training, so that they understand the limitations of the PPE.

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