Christmas is coming, and I thought it would be a good idea to slay some myths regarding the festive season.

So let your employees put up those Christmas trees and decorations, just provide a suitable stepladder, and nobody’s ever been sued for clearing snow outside their premises either, so don’t let Health & Safety ruin your festive fun.

Bah Humbug to all you killjoys out there, and a Merry Christmas to everyone else.

Christmas myths

Let’s speak about the myths that circulate around Christmas time, and clear up what you can do within your business.

Putting up your Christmas decorations and lights is a must. You may have heard that if you put up any Christmas lights they must be PAT tested every year to avoid electrocution or starting fires. This is not true. Initially check your lights are in good working order, check for wear and tear, and if they are all good then put them up. Please use a stepladder to do this, rather than your spinning office chair to avoid any falls, and then let them sparkle.

Hearing that clearing snow outside your premises can lead to being sued is certainly not true. People were lead to believe this due to if anybody were to slip after someone had cleared the snow they would be held responsible for their accident. This is not true. In fact, the HSE encourage people to help their community and clear walkways, just make sure you place down salt or grit so there is no ice to slip on. If anybody does slip, this will just be put down to being an accident and nothing more.

So get ready to put up your Christmas decorations, wrap up warm and enjoy your lead up to Christmas. We know that we will be here in our office.