Online health and safety management system

Today we’re going to look at the safety audit section of the safety first pack.

The safety first pack comes with preloaded audits which can be readily used. Any of these audits can be edited, or a new one can be written.

To add a new section of questions to the audit, type in the name of the section and click create new group. Next, you should alter how often you want the audit to be reviewed, and how high you wish the pass rate to be.

With a section added, you can then either add or alter any questions. Simply type in the question you wish to ask in the audit, assign a score to it in points for if it is answered correctly, and select how you want the question to be answered. Repeat this for all the questions you want adding to the audit and then press back.

Once an audit is ready to do, simply click ‘use this audit’. After completing the audit, a pdf report will be available detailing the score and whether the assessor passed or failed the audit.

Online health and safety management system

Today we’re going to look at the equipment section of the safety first pack. All equipment and tools added are colour coded indicating if the testing on them is in date, expiring or expired.

To add equipment, click the add asset button. Here, you can assign a name, number, value and location to the equipment. Depending on the type of equipment it is, different testing will apply to it with different levels of retest frequency.

Once an item has been added, any test certificates related to it can be added. To do this, click ‘update test record’. Here you can add in the certificate and include the test date, assessor and any notes relating to it. Once it has been confirmed and posted, it will be listed on both the individual equipment record and colour coded on the equipment list.

If for any reason you no longer have a piece of equipment, it can be retired. To do this, select the item and click ‘retire’.

Once all items and certificates have been added, a pdf report of the equipment list page can be created by clicking on the ‘assets report’.

Online health and safety management system

Today we’re going to look at the training section of the safety first pack. All employees that have been added to the system will be listed. To add an employee not listed, click on the ‘add employee’ button. Here you should insert all the details you want to for them, but only their name and job title will be listed in the training records section.

To view all training that has been added to the system for an employee, click on ‘view training records’ for that employee. Here you can see when training expires and add or view the associated certificate for that training.

To add a training record for an employee, click new record. Here you will have to list the name of the course, course date, any possible notes such as awarding body and the retest date if applicable.

Once the training record is posted, go back to the training records for that employee and click update. Here, you will be able to add a pdf of the certificate for that training, which can then be downloaded at any time.