Online health and safety management system

Today we’re going to look at the risk assessment section of the safety first pack. The first stage will ask for all of the project information, and any site rules imposed that will inform the writing of your risk assessment.

Next, you’ll have to input who will be affected by the works. Select all the applicable groups, and if a group you need to add isn’t there, do so in the box below.

After this, you can choose the hazards. To ensure a risk assessment is suitable and sufficient you must include all applicable hazards. Once the hazards have been selected, the controls for these hazards need to be picked. You must have at least one control for each hazard.

With hazards and controls now in place, you must assess the residual risks of each of these hazards. The probably and severity of these hazards has a 1-5 rating and is multiplied together.

With the risk being assessed, PPE must be chosen. Once this is done, choose how often you want to review the risk assessment, and then you’re done.

Method statement section of the safety first pack

Just like the risk assessment, the first stage will ask for the project information.

Next, you can add any standard site safety notices. All of these are editable, which can be done simply by clicking on them. Simply add the ones you need and click on to the next stage.

As the method statement is a list of what you’re going to do, the task selection should be an ordered sequence of your works. Search and select your works in order. If what you want to do is not listed, click ‘create new task’ and write what you need. Again, any tasks can easily be edited to suit different projects. After selecting all the tasks, click finish method statement, and then you’re done.

Health and safety policy section of the safety first pack

To start with, you’ll have to write a statement of intent or policy statement. A template is already in place but can easily be edited and outlines what you will do in terms of health and safety.

After you’ve written the policy statement, the next stage will ask you to identify who is responsible on a managerial level within the business at various levels. Simply edit as required and click next stage.

With managerial responsibility identified, you then have to identify employee responsibilities. Alter the text if necessary and move on to the next stage.

You will then be asked to identify what you will do in terms of staff consultation. Type in how you will communicate with your workforce and click next.

Even though some responsibilities have already been identified, the safety functions section allows you to go into further detail and specify people for each arrangement.

If you would like to add your arrangements first, click next stage and do so by clicking on the applicable tick boxes. Remember all of these can be edited to suit your needs.

At any stage you can go back to a previous stage by clicking edit on that stage. Once you’ve selected all the necessary arrangements, click next and then confirm.

COSHH assessments should only be done with the MSDS to hand

The first stage will ask for product information such as type of product, person at risk and name of supplier.

Once all information is entered, the next stage will ask you for the PPE required to use the product, which will be found in the MSDS.

The third stage will require you to copy the first aid measures from section 4 of the MSDS.

The fourth stage will require you to copy the fire prevention measures from section 5 of the MSDS.

The next stage will require to copy all applicable spillage, handling, storage and disposal procedures from the safety data sheet.

Stage 6 will ask for any CLP symbols, amount of product you’ll use, and how long you’ll use it for.

The next section will ask for the workplace exposure limits. Simply type in the CAS number found in the MSDS of any chemical listed under the WEL section. If nothing is listed here, leave this section blank.

The eighth section will ask for hazard statements. Only input those found in section 2, and not those found at the end of the MSDS.

The final stage will ask for any other precautions. This could be symptoms of exposure, engineering controls, PPE for overexposure or conditions to avoid.

If you want to, add a comment to the end of the COSHH assessment, and a risk level, and then click finish.

I hope you found this video helpful. If you would like a full demonstration give us a call and keep watching for a look at the next section of our online health and safety management system.