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Lone Working – HSE update their guidance

The HSE have updated their guidance on lone working – Protecting lone workers: How to manage the risks of working alone. This guidance explains how to keep lone workers healthy and safe. It is for anyone who employs lone workers, or engages them as contractors etc, including self-employed people or those who work alone.

Working from home

Home working – HSE advice on lone working, DSE and mental health

Do you have people working from home temporarily as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak? As an employer, you have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as for any other workers. HSE website has advice on how you can minimise the risks to their health, which includes information on the following topics: […]


Why do I need a Vehicle Banksman?

Do you have a vehicle Banksman? Most companies have traffic moving on their sites every day.  For some this will be only a few vehicles, for others it will involve constant traffic movement. Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur when the vehicle is reversing. Yet many companies have little or […]


MSDS and COSHH risk assessments – are they the same thing?

What is the difference between a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and a COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) risk assessment?  An MSDS gives you information about the hazardous product; whereas the COSHH assessment describes what control measures are needed and how you are going to use the product safely.

Workplace Exposure Limits

Workplace Exposure Limits – EH40 reissued

HSE have reissued EH40/2005, their guide to Workplace Exposure Limits. This is the fourth edition (published 2020) and can be purchased or downloaded for free from HSE books. If you need help with your COSHH assessments, please get in touch as we can assist you with these, either as part of a package or as a one-off […]

DSE for homeworkers

Do you have the right workplace facilities?

Employers must provide the right workplace facilities and a working environment that’s healthy and safe for everyone, including those with disabilities.