sun exposure

The health risks of sun exposure

Thousands of people worldwide have been diagnosed with skin cancer due to working outside without protecting their skin.  In the most serious cases of malignant melanoma many people die, 60 per year in the UK alone. If you or your employees work out in the sun you have a legal duty to assess whether you or your employees are at risk of sun exposure. You can take action in lots of different ways – 

  • Check the UV index
  • Avoid or cut down exposure to direct sunlight when radiation is at its highest
  • Make sure breaks are taken out of the sun
  • Add protective film to plain glass windows in vehicles
  • Get workers to cover up with clothing and protective kit
  • Use sunscreen to protect yourself

Watch out for the common myths about sun exposure

  • ‘If it’s cloudy, the sun can’t damage my skin’
  • ‘If it’s not very hot, the sun doesn’t affect me’
  • ‘I’m already tanned so I’m safe from sun damage’

These are all incorrect, sun rays are more powerful than a lot of people think, if you have a tan this is already, in effect, sun damage. Follow our YouTube link to see our recent video blog.

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