Environmental Services

Including Environmental Safety within your company’s management systems can help reduce accidents, illnesses and injuries whilst also reducing waste and the environmental impact that your working activities may have.

There can also be regulatory consequences for non-conformities, non-compliance and negligence in relation to both Environmental and H&S legislation.

To help you with your environmental compliance, we are now offering further environmental services including:

  • more detailed environmental policies
  • environmental risk assessments
  • environmental audits

We are offering exclusive prices for our clients – 50% off the standard price in order to thank you for your loyalty.

Environmental Policy – £300 + VAT £150 + VAT for existing clients.

Sustainability Policy Statement – £100 + VAT £50 + VAT for existing clients.

Environmental Audit – from £500 + VAT from £250 + VAT for existing clients.

Environmental Risk Assessment – £250 + VAT £125 + VAT for existing clients.

For more information please contact us.