HSE annual workplace fatality figures

Who Regulates What in the Health & Safety World

If you’re not clear about who regulates what when it comes to enforcing health and safety law, here is a reminder:

HSE is responsible for enforcing health and safety at workplaces including: • factories; • farms; • building sites; • nuclear installations; • mines; • schools and colleges; • fairgrounds; • gas, electricity and water systems; • hospitals and nursing homes; • central and local government premises; • offshore installations.  

Local authorities

You should contact your local authority environmental health department if you have a query about the following type of premises:

• offices (except government offices); • shops; • hotels; • restaurants; • leisure premises; • nurseries and playgroups; • pubs and clubs; • museums (privately owned); • places of worship; • sheltered accommodation and care homes.

Other enforcing authorities

HSE’s website includes a full list of other enforcing authorities covering areas such as poor food hygiene, pollution and unstable/ dangerous buildings.

Find out more at www.hse.gov.uk

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