HSE Safe use of ladders & stepladders

Safe use of ladders

Ladders are hard to match for versatility and ease of use when working at height, but they must be inspected regularly to keep them safe.  Pre-use checks should be carried out immediately before the ladder is used and recorded inspections should be carried out at suitable intervals and after any event that could have compromised the ladder’s integrity. Damaged ladders should be cut up correctly and recycled.  Simply throwing it away or cutting it into shorter sections is wrong and does not end your ownership of the ladder.  The best way to dispose of old and damaged ladders is via the annual Ladder Exchange, set up by the HSE and the Ladder Association.

The HSE issued new and simplified guidance in http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg455.htm or for more information contact http://ladderassociation.org.uk/.

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