Safety Net

Safety Nets

It is estimated that safety nets are rigged beneath more than 12,000 workers and that there are approximately 200 “worker-net contacts” a year in the UK.  Nets need to be rigged correctly, using suitable anchor points that can cope with the European standard of a peak load of six kilonewtons at 45°.  The European standard allows for a six metre fall from the workers’ feet to the net, but the UK best practice is to rig the net as close as possible and no further than two metres.  The area below the net needs to be kept clear for three metres allowing expansion of the net if a worker lands on it.  The independent training body FASET have a one day rigging course which leads on to Level 2 NVQ in safety net rigging.  Further information can be found here

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    The one day course sounds interesting, do you know anyone who has done it and the benefits they’ve received from it? I thought that 200 contracts per year sounded quite low, surely there’s more than that.

    • Liz Preston
      Liz Preston says:

      Hi Chris – Yes it does seem quite a low figure but these must be the statistics received, I am sure there will be more but they may not have been reported. I am unaware personally of anyone who has been on the actual course as yet. Thank you for your comment.

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