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What should you expect from a noise survey report? Industry wastes a fortune on noise assessments that are often little more than tick-box exercises.  HSE research has indicated that 63% of all noise assessments are inadequate, falling short of the minimum regulatory requirements. The key to good reporting is to generate a practical working document that includes a costed programme of action for the next one or two years.  It should include:

  • Measurements of the noise levels
  • Risk management audit, evaluating the effectiveness of the current procedures, including PPE wear rates.
  • Noise control audit, evaluating the control options and current control measures.
  • Report, which should be as short and simple as possible, to be used to implement effective action to manage the risks easily and cost effectively.

The Industrial Noise & Vibration Centre (INVC) have produced a template to download presenting best practice report elements in a Word document.  It is available to download from

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