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Student Work Experience

The HSE has issued revised guidance to employers considering offering work experience to students. The Department for Education has worked with Ofsted to publish guidance on how Ofsted will inspect Health and Safety and the Association of British Insurers is reassuring employers that they don’t have to take out special insurance policies to cover students on work experience, and that this will not in itself have an effect on annual premiums.

The new guidance is said to reduce the burdens placed on schools and local businesses and “sensible questions” will replace the current “mountains of paperwork”. It makes it clear that it is not the responsibility of schools to check health and safety on work placements, and that companies need do no more than they would do for one of their own employees.

The HSE guidance makes it clear that if a workplace risk has already been assessed with young people in mind then a business does not need to repeat this for each new student. The new guidance INDG364 can be downloaded from the HSE website here.


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