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Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer

Practical guidance is available for protection while working in the sun, as outdoor workers could be at risk of developing skin cancer.

Drink plenty of water – water is important for healthy skin, which in turn will help reduce the impact from the sun onto your skin.
Use sunscreen/lotion – sunscreen/lotion is the most obvious protection from the sun, however there are three issues with using sunscreen/lotion.
Firstly, some people don’t apply enough of it to all exposed areas of skin, including the neck, head, ears and areas on the back of the legs.
Secondly, people don’t leave enough time for the sunscreen/lotion to soak in before going outside.
And finally, people don’t regularly re-apply throughout the day.
Check skin – the earlier skin cancer is detected and diagnosed, the more effective treatment will be. So it is very important to visually check the body on a monthly basis.
The process of checking involves starting at the top of the body and working your way down, particularly paying attention to parts of the body that are normally uncovered and exposed to the sun.
The key elements to look at whilst checking the body are, a spot or sore that continues to itch, hurt, scab or bleed for around four weeks, a sore that doesn’t heal within four weeks or a mole that appears to be growing, bleeding or changing appearance in any way. You should visit your GP if any of the above signs are discovered.

For more information on this guidance see here.

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