Are you are using a scaffold tower or mobile tower or indeed, any item of work at height equipment in the workplace?  Whether you are an employee or a self-employed person, the Work at Height Regulations apply to you. You must ensure that not only the person building the tower is competent but also those who specify, use, and supervise or manage the use of a tower are competent to do so. Read more

Working at height is known as the most common cause of deaths and serious incidents in the work place.  Employers and employees are both responsible for ensuring that any work at height is carried out safely. Read more

The NASC has launched an updated version of its user-friendly, free Scaffold Specification Template (Guide to Managing and Appointing Scaffolding Contractors).  It can be downloaded from their website

The Ladder Association’s main message is “When it’s right to use a ladder, use the right ladder and get trained to use it safely”.

They currently have a scheme running called the Advocate Scheme, where a team of ladder experts will come out and address corporate events or meetings of trade and professional bodies whose members are regular ladder users. Read more

People and businesses across the UK again have the chance to trade their old ladders in for discounted new ones this year, with the Ladder Exchange 2014 beginning on September 1st. Read more

It is estimated that safety nets are rigged beneath more than 12,000 workers and that there are approximately 200 “worker-net contacts” a year in the UK.  Nets need to be rigged correctly, using suitable anchor points that can cope with the European standard of a peak load of six kilonewtons at 45°.  Read more

The HSE has overhauled its Work at Height Guidance.  They are now providing simple advice about do’s and don’ts when working at height to ensure people are clear on what the law requires; they have busted some of the persistent myths, such as the banning of ladders, when they can still be used; offered targeted advice to help businesses in different sectors manage serious risks sensibly and proportionately and helping workers to be clearer about their own responsibilities for working safely. For further information see