Top 10 Health & Safety Tips

Watch our Top 10 Health & Safety Tips video here.


1.ELIMINATE THE HAZARDS FROM THE WORKPLACE – this could be identified through a documented risk assessment.

2.TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES – provide adequate and appropriate training relevant to the role they play within the business.

3.ENCOURAGE A GOOD HEALTH AND SAFETY CULTURE – Consult with your workforce and get them involved, lead from example.

4.DOCUMENT A GOOD HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY – relevant to your business, keep it simple and to the point.

5.PROVIDE ADEQUATE FACILITIES – first aid, toilets, washing facilities as well as looking at any specialist facilities which may be needed.

6.DISPLAY A CURRENT INSURANCE CERTIFICATE AND H&S LAW POSTER – display this where they can be seen by employees.

7.GET COMPETENT ADVICE – Either internally through a trained employee or from an external consultant.

8.ENSURE YOU KNOW WHAT AND WHEN TO REPORT ISSUES TO THE HSE – Certain incidents require reporting to the HSE.

9.DOCUMENT FIRE PROCEDURES – This could include a fire risk assessment, emergency plan etc.

10.USE YOUR COMMON SENSE!!! – Health and Safety doesn’t have to be complicated, make it realistic and tailored specifically to your business.


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