• Social media can reduce a SME’s overall marketing costs

Social networks are a cost-effective way to get SME’s like Us in front of both Our current Clients as well as prospective Clients;

  • Offer better customer service

One of the first places people go to voice their comments, give feedback, raise concerns, and questions is Facebook &/or Twitter. You can quickly answer customers in a public format that lets other customers see the quality of your customer service;

  • Create a voice

Social media is a great way to display Our business’s personality, we can do so by sharing behind-the-scene information about Our team, values, workspace, life, interests and more. Remember, we don’t always want to have a sales tone! When you humanize your small business in this way, it makes it easier for consumers to connect with you and develop loyalty;

  • Visibility

If we are not active on the various social media platforms out there, customers may forget we exist and begin communicating with Our competitors. We should be posting several times a week on the various platforms (which we do well) where Our audience is present to remind them of Our business.

We must Remember fish where the fish are!

Social media proves to be a powerful tool when it comes to growing your brand awareness.
There are businesses who dismiss it as a way to build brand awareness, but by doing that, they’re leaving an open ground for competitors.