DSE for homeworkers

Do you have the right workplace facilities?

Employers must provide the right workplace facilities and a working environment that’s healthy and safe for everyone, including those with disabilities.

You must have:
  • Welfare facilities – the right number of toilets and washbasins, drinking water and having somewhere to rest and eat meals. Furthermore there should be a place to store clothing also somewhere to change if special clothing is worn for work.
  • A healthy working environment – a clean workplace with a reasonable working temperature.  There should be good ventilation, suitable lighting and the right amount of space and seating.
  • A safe workplace – well-maintained equipment and environment.  There should be no obstructions on the floors and traffic routes.  Windows should be easily opened and cleaned. Also transparent (e.g. glass) doors or walls must be protected or made from safety material.
Toilets and washing facilities – Employers have to provide:
  • Enough toilets and washbasins for those expected to use them.
  • Where possible, separate facilities for men and women – failing that, rooms with lockable doors.
  • Clean facilities – preferably with walls and floors tiled (or covered in suitable waterproof material) to make them easier to clean.
  • A supply of toilet paper and, for female employees, somewhere to dispose of sanitary dressings.
  • Well lit and ventilated facilities.
  • Hot and cold running water.
  • Enough soap or other washing agents.
  • A basin large enough to wash hands and forearms if necessary.
  • Paper towels or a hot-air dryer must be available.
  • For particularly dirty work showers should also be provided, where necessary.
  • You must always consider the needs of those with disabilities.

A chart showing toilet provision is here.


Information about reasonable working temperature can be found here.


The HSE website has further details about requirements for workplace facilities here.


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